What is The Muse?

I stumbled on this website conducting research for a project I am working on this semester which involves creating a multimedia self portrait.  Brainchild of Theodore Zelden, The Oxford Muse’s aim is to pioneer new methods to improve personal, professional and intercultural relationships in ways that satisfy both private and public values, according to The Muse website.  I liked the things I read, so I wanted to share  some of them with you.  The following are excerpts that especially resonated with me:

The world is filled with polite, shy, inscrutable, unintelligible, tight lipped, superficial, dishonest and also honest people who for one reason or another do not say what they think.

Many do not reveal their thoughts because they are not sure what they think. Many would be braver in their speech if they were more certain of a sympathetic hearing.

Many, particularly in places where success depends on conformity, are schooled to be hypocrites.

There are many thoughts that are still-born because the mind is not sufficiently stimulated to bring them fully into being.

If thoughts are left to themselves, they remain lonely and limp. They become meaningful to others only when they are fertilised by interaction.

The study of the habits and mentalities of nations, classes and groups does not necessarily reveal what goes on in the mind of individuals, many of whom feel misunderstood or insufficiently appreciated.

Theodore Zeldin

I do love his hair by the way!

Books by Theodore Zeldin

An Intimate History of Humanity

The French

Conversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives


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