Eminem the Muse

Aside from the explicit lyrics (i.e. the excessive use of c-words, b-words, n-words and, my favorite swear, the f-word) Eminem has been my musical muse since I saw his performance last week on the 2011 Grammy Awards. That  voice, hard, rhythmic, masculine, has been streaming through my Hyundai’s speakers every day since.  His unique style of rapper poetry newly cleaving to to the message of spiritual transformation reminds me just how omnipotent the unshackled soul is.  Did I tell you that he swears a lot?  I know, I know it is rap your saying.  Not being a diehard rap fan, I may never get it, that is the need for such cuss heavy lyrics. Mind you, I’m not prude or anything,  I am extremely fond of the power of the swear, but for me, less is more, just a suggestion Em.

Rihanna’s chorus in Love the Way you Lie destroys me every time I hear it.  That, plus Eminem’s rap about the dark side of obsessive, explosively passionate love, the kind that completes you and destroys you all at the same time, definitely resonates with me.  He may not have totally meant it this way but I hear it as a far reaching metaphor.  I have to stop myself right here to ask myself-WTF??? Eminem? Reeeally?  For the most part you don’t even like rap!  Yaa I know, maybe I’m just a sucker for the whole Recovery thing.  Eminem representin’ with his recovery logo’d necklace and all.  That is part of it, the initial catalyst that drew me in enough to purchase the cd download, but not all.  Once I got into the lyrics I actually heard the words of a soul grappling with the duality of a self at odds with all of those contradictory thoughts and feelings pushing, pulling and prodding.  At the core I hear a spirit yearning to transcend the distraction of his addiction and move to a higher ground.  I’m rooting for you Em.  Still I could do without all the c-words.  Check it Yo!:


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3 Responses to Eminem the Muse

  1. rob says:

    eminem = man of the year!

  2. Brian says:

    Hey Ann Marie – Great blog. Interesting stuff here.

  3. Floyd Drzewiecki says:

    Stan is also a warning for each fan and listener not to misinterpret Eminem’s words and this song really proves Eminem doesn’t want his words to be taken litterally.For those who still think he’s a violent mysogynist, remember who ties his girlfriend up : it is Stan ,not Eminem. Eminem tells Stan to treat his girfriend better. I really think you and you girlfriend need each other/Or maybe you just need to treat her better).-

    Look into our own web page as well

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