Historical Research and How I Stumbled onto Frank Turner

You know how you begin searching for something very specific on the internet, like the meaning of the word antitrust; you do a Google search and see the IMBD link to the movie Antitrust starring the hunky Ryan Phillippe, who began his career back in the early 90’s on the soap opera One Life to Live; you click on the IMBD link, with every intention of returning to your original search for the word antitrust; lo and behold its three hours later and, you have no idea how it happened, but somehow you have officially become a Rhodes scholar on everything Ryan Phillippe?

Well that’s kind of what happened with me and Frank Turner, who hales from the very same Hampshire, England town, Meonstoke, as the main character in the novel I’m working on. I know this because I discovered this tidbit of information on the Wikipedia page for Meonstoke. One click lead to another and another, with each click taking me further away from the research I was supposed to be doing for my novel but closer to the knowledge that I absolutely love this British punk/folk singer.

His lyrics are to the point, witty yet mercifully uncomplicated.  They deal with the full range of human emotion and experiences.  With a penchant for rhyme and using cuss words as necessary, Frank Turner is an up and coming force to be reckoned with.  I strongly encourage you to check him out:

Oh, and did I tell you his 2011 US tour kicks off September 20 in Danbury, CT?

Check him out on iTunes 


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1 Response to Historical Research and How I Stumbled onto Frank Turner

  1. American Machinery says:

    Nice,Ann, has the youthfull energy & is a wordsmith as you mentioned. the kids make the video!

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