Staying Alive: A Love Story by Laura B. Hayden

Staying Alive: A Love Story by Laura B. Hayden

Laura B. Hayden has written a gripping memoir about losing the love of her life in the midst of their happily ever after narrative. Larry wasn’t suppose to die yet, he was only 49 and Laura still needed his loving and steadfast companionship to finish raising their two children and walk off into the sunset of retirement hand in hand. His dying wasn’t part of the deal. It is a story “of loss and recovery about the author’s search for meaning” after losing Larry.

Through eloquent prose, Laura takes us on her ten year journey of moving forward. Each essay captures some important event along the road of healing. She craftily infuses each scene with wit and the important insights she later renders from them.

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Writer, documentary film maker, traveler in search of the perfect angle.
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2 Responses to Staying Alive: A Love Story by Laura B. Hayden

  1. katemeadows says:

    Hi, Anne Marie,
    How exciting to see a beautiful review of work by a familiar writer. Will you be at the WestConn residency this summer? Whether you will or not, I can only imagine you have SO many stories, memories, experiences to tell from your time abroad. I hope it provided you with the insight you wanted. Thanks for sharing this! -Kate

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