Serving Coffee to Mourners


Since last Friday I have been serving coffee to mourners. Every single face that has come into view across the short span of my coffee counter since then is a different shade of grief. Each has been affected in a profound way by the most unthinkable of tragedies that recently played out in my community  just one mile away from the local coffee shop I have worked in over the past eleven years . Newtown is my town, I have lived here for over 12 years.

You see, coffee is the medium by which I connect to the canvas of my community’s landscape, a landscape that has been permanently altered. From the tear stained cheeks of high school cheerleaders to the far away stares of coffee shop regulars, they provide me with a frame of reference that, moving forward I will use to to gauge the emotional and spiritual temperature of my community. It is a frame of reference for what is gradually becoming the new normal in Newtown, Connecticut since December 14th, 2012 just shortly after 9:30am.

Tomorrow it will be exactly one week since the unthinkable happened. I invite you to observe a moment of silence tomorrow at 9:30 am for the victims of The Sandy Hook School shooting.


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6 Responses to Serving Coffee to Mourners

  1. American Machinery says:

    Nicely said

  2. GYA today says:

    Reblogged this on GYA today and commented:
    A profound telling of a common practice.

  3. GYA today says:

    What a profound and beautiful telling of a usually common practice. Beautiful. Thank you. Bless you everyone. ~Paul

  4. What a thoughtful post…and I love the idea of coffee as the medium of connection. We are a nation in shock and mourning. I will be there with you tomorrow.

  5. Thank you for this insight. I will step away from the hustle tomorrow and observe a moment of silence.

  6. brianthiem says:

    Ann Marie–Beautifully said. By serving coffee to the many grievers, you contribute to the healing process.

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