One day (one minute in some cases) at a time

Sometimes one minute at a time

One day at a time

Ronald Mcdonald greeting guests at RMH

If there’s something I’ve learned lately, it’s that I am not in control of the outcome. Since December 14, 2012, the twists and turns of my life’s narrative look nothing like the trajectory that was in my mind on December 13, 2012. Nowhere on my radar of the future was I sitting with my niece today in Aurora, CO looking at an ultrasound of her baby. I had no clue I would be staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Aurora, CO, nor did I imagine so much uncertainty on my future’s horizon. Each event of the recent past seems to have a mission of forcing me into the inevitability of this moment. Loss, in the form of an endless sea of goodbyes and irony (traveling from Newtown, CT to Aurora CO, having doors close and new ones open…) are themes infused into this journey’s tale.


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Writer, documentary film maker, traveler in search of the perfect angle.
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6 Responses to One day (one minute in some cases) at a time

  1. Terez says:

    A great beginning for a story in early stage of development! i will stay tune with great interest. I have faith in you to find your way in this maze! Love you,

  2. I’m not sure what all you have endured. I hope everything turns out well and it’s nice to see news from you again.

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